Thursday, September 06, 2007

One short year

In one short year, I feel like I have soaked up more about life than all of the previous years without you in it. I owe you a great deal. You are a little boy who has evolved into something so precious that words just can't convey. You are deeply embedded in my heart and soul.

Your first year has been so wonderful. I haven't worn much make-up nor have I dressed up with any formal attire. My eyebrows are not plucked and my sleep deprivation has given me dark circles under my eyes. Sometimes I stand in the shower and remember how good it feels to let the water run down my back but then I realize I don't want to miss another minute without you. You see, all of these things will eventually be reintroduced back into my life again. Someday I will wear make-up again and my hair might have a slight curl put in it or won't be tied back. For the time being, you need me to be close by often and I need you to know that I am right there.

You seem very happy to be around us so we must be doing something right. I sometimes wonder if your face ever tires from smiling. You awaken with a smile and you ease into slumber with a little grin on your face. Your smile is genuine and playful. You have even made grumpy men standing in line smile. You stare until they make eye contact with you and although they aren't wearing a smile at that time, you make sure they leave with one.

There is so much I want for you in this life-time. One of the greatest things is to know peace and love. I hope your journey is filled with the security of knowing your parents really think the world of you.

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