Sunday, October 07, 2007

Are you always listening?

I will tell you what I am thinking.

I am filled with lovingkindness most times. Today, I am filled with grief. I am filled with heartache from time to time when you do things that don't make sense to me. In the end, they will all make sense but for now, I am full of questions.

I haven't always been thankful. I haven't always been wise. I have mistreated the gifts you have given me but I retreat back on the path you have chosen for me. I believe in you. I really can't tell you how gracious and kind you've been to me so far. I have an enormous amount of thankfulness stored up inside of me to last me several life-times. I know I only get one though and one is enough. I will make it count. I will do my best and I will listen to you when you try to offer my subtle advice.

Today, I pleaded with you while I was driving. I speak to you often. I know you are close but are you always listening?

Please offer all of my loved ones the same courage, love and strength you have given to me. I shall do whatever I can, not to disappoint you.