Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the golden oldies

When I was a kid, I didn't enjoy listening to "golden oldies" music. I remember trying to make a run for it whenever the radio would blare such tunes like "Unchained melody," "Why do fools fall in love," and "Earth Angel." I used to cringe. I would picture old diners with juke boxes and boys with slicked black hair standing tall as the pretty girls in poodle skirts walked by with their pig tales and rosey, innocent cheeks. I think I watched "the Fonz" in action one too many times.

I did much of my growing up and youthful activities in the 90's. Things were much different then. We used to go in large numbers to dance clubs and dance the night away! Clubs began staying open until 2am and we'd stay until the lights came on! I was living on my own in my early twenties so a curfew was irrelevant but I stayed out of trouble- for the most part. I used to wear long boots, short tops underneath blazers because I wasn't that brave and jeans usually. ICCK. Back then, I thought I looked so good. I was a pretty good dancer (if I don't say so myself) and I always had a blast with my friends! We always played it safe and took a taxi all over town or we'd stay in a hotel if we were too far from home. We'd pack in as many friends into our rooms as possible which would make the accommodations really cheap. We'd usually eat a big breakfast with a large group of us before we headed home with a headache from the night before. Pretty innocent fun and lots of laughs were had. We'd listen to hip hop and dance music all night long!

I wonder if our baby will one day hear the music we used to listen to and cringe? Will our music be considered "the golden oldies" next? I am not really sure. Somehow I feel the music of my time was less authentic and not as celebrated. There is something to be said for the true "golden oldies". I think they will outlast the test of time.

Ice cream

My husband often dreams of really light and easy things. Things like birds, fishing, wildlife, etc. I believe this represents a psyche that is at peace. My dreams and the frequency of dreaming coincides with what's going on "upstairs" for me and usually is a good indication of my overall wellness. Lately, my dreams have been about real life things that I may be struggling with in reality. However, good news! I believe my seasonal low is lifting!

Last night, I dreamt of ice cream!!!! What a wonderful treat not only to dream of something yummy but to dream of something that represents a lighter side to me. Ice cream is good for people of all ages. It is a treat that is timeless. We often outgrow our childhood tastes but ice cream remains a part of us.

Just think for a moment of what it would be like if ice cream could be found everywhere!! You'd walk to the park and were able to indulge in the trails of ice cream along the way. It excites to me to think of ice-cream as a part of our baby's life too. I wonder what his favourite flavour will be? A few of mine are tiger stripe, peanut butter chocolate and orange sorbet.

My husband says every now and then he gets a glimpse of the little girl who still lives in me. She comes out every now and then but especially where ice-cream is concerned! I told him about the ice-cream truck who used to drive down my street playing whimsical music to entice the children. It worked for me! As soon as I would hear those familiar tunes, I would run up to the house and shout with glee, "Mom, the ice-cream man's coming, the ice-cream man is coming!" Usually she would hand out her last bit of change and I would be the first in line ordering a vanilla/chocolate swirl cone. I would savour it down to the last lick. My husband got a chuckle out of this story. Last summer, in our new house, I saw him running towards the house and he too, began shouting, "The ice cream man's coming!" He was so excited for me because the same kind of truck is now making runs through our neighbourhood. How sweet of my hubby for sharing in my excitement. It was precious! I think I squealed just as I did when I was a kid.

I remember going to the famous "Stoney Creek Dairy" as a special outing as a kid with my family after our Sunday evening meal. The weather was so warm and there was nothing better than ending a warm summer day with ice-cream! Together, my family would line up in the massive crowd outside that wonderful dairy, waiting to get our fix. I would stand there with my finger on my lip reading the 101 flavours to choose from. My grandpa would always order the same flavour every time. Black cherry or maple walnut. He loved watching us enjoy our ice-cream. I remember staring in awe if my dad ordered his banana split. I would watch him sample each mound of ice-cream covered with delicious toppings. Strawberry. Butterscotch. Hot fudge. I always asked for a taste of the banana.

A few years back, I learned I was lactose intolerant so ice-cream was out of my life for a while. I missed it. Life just wasn't the same. Last summer, being very pregnant and knowing I would be without other summer treats like strawberry daiquiris, I knew I had to find a way to be able to enjoy ice-cream again. Have you ever heard of lacteeze? It really works. I carried them in my purse and I would pop a couple of them just moments before arriving at the ice-cream parlour and I was fine!!!!

If everyone on this planet were as excited about ice-cream as I am, I am certain there would be peace on earth.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

baby's first blizzard

We had plans, darn it! The baby and I made it into my home-town for a little visit this week. We had plans to see aunts, friends, old co-workers and others. We were blasted with Mr. Winter today and it is still coming down! We tried to venture out this morning to our favourite toy store and our trip was short! As I carried the baby in his car seat into the store, I looked back at the empty parking lot and shook my head. "I gotta have rocks in my head! What am I doing out in this?"

We spent the day at Mom's. This baby of mine does not need toys! We had a blast! I put on my famous "wabbit hat" and made funny faces at him all morning long. I wonder what he was thinking but he didn't seem to tire of my exaggerated bunny faces. I think I belong in theatre! Once the performance of my life was over, we headed to the bedroom and had one long nap!
Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z are always a good way to spend a blizzard too!

I am not looking forward to the aftermath. My husband misses me and I am looking forward to heading home!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

the "C" word

Not a great topic. I know. It is taboo and no-one wants to talk about it. Just this past week we have known 3 people who have succumbed to this dreadful disease. Just this past week, I had lunch with four friends. I was the only one who had not lost a parent to this disease. Just this past week, one of my dear friends sitting at that very table had recently been diagnosed with the disease at the tender age of 33. Just this past week, I had dinner with my 8 year old nephew at a Chinese restaurant and his fortune cookie said, "You will live a healthy and prosperous life." He clapped his hands and said "Yay, I won't get cancer!" I looked at him in disbelief and asked him to repeat what he said. It was exactly what I had heard. My conclusion- we had better start talking about this.

I must admit, I have very little awareness about the disease but what I do know it has afflicted too many people I love. What do we do about this? Just sit by and ring our hands together hoping it will not arrive at someone else's door step? It is the most helpless feeling of all.