Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ice cream

My husband often dreams of really light and easy things. Things like birds, fishing, wildlife, etc. I believe this represents a psyche that is at peace. My dreams and the frequency of dreaming coincides with what's going on "upstairs" for me and usually is a good indication of my overall wellness. Lately, my dreams have been about real life things that I may be struggling with in reality. However, good news! I believe my seasonal low is lifting!

Last night, I dreamt of ice cream!!!! What a wonderful treat not only to dream of something yummy but to dream of something that represents a lighter side to me. Ice cream is good for people of all ages. It is a treat that is timeless. We often outgrow our childhood tastes but ice cream remains a part of us.

Just think for a moment of what it would be like if ice cream could be found everywhere!! You'd walk to the park and were able to indulge in the trails of ice cream along the way. It excites to me to think of ice-cream as a part of our baby's life too. I wonder what his favourite flavour will be? A few of mine are tiger stripe, peanut butter chocolate and orange sorbet.

My husband says every now and then he gets a glimpse of the little girl who still lives in me. She comes out every now and then but especially where ice-cream is concerned! I told him about the ice-cream truck who used to drive down my street playing whimsical music to entice the children. It worked for me! As soon as I would hear those familiar tunes, I would run up to the house and shout with glee, "Mom, the ice-cream man's coming, the ice-cream man is coming!" Usually she would hand out her last bit of change and I would be the first in line ordering a vanilla/chocolate swirl cone. I would savour it down to the last lick. My husband got a chuckle out of this story. Last summer, in our new house, I saw him running towards the house and he too, began shouting, "The ice cream man's coming!" He was so excited for me because the same kind of truck is now making runs through our neighbourhood. How sweet of my hubby for sharing in my excitement. It was precious! I think I squealed just as I did when I was a kid.

I remember going to the famous "Stoney Creek Dairy" as a special outing as a kid with my family after our Sunday evening meal. The weather was so warm and there was nothing better than ending a warm summer day with ice-cream! Together, my family would line up in the massive crowd outside that wonderful dairy, waiting to get our fix. I would stand there with my finger on my lip reading the 101 flavours to choose from. My grandpa would always order the same flavour every time. Black cherry or maple walnut. He loved watching us enjoy our ice-cream. I remember staring in awe if my dad ordered his banana split. I would watch him sample each mound of ice-cream covered with delicious toppings. Strawberry. Butterscotch. Hot fudge. I always asked for a taste of the banana.

A few years back, I learned I was lactose intolerant so ice-cream was out of my life for a while. I missed it. Life just wasn't the same. Last summer, being very pregnant and knowing I would be without other summer treats like strawberry daiquiris, I knew I had to find a way to be able to enjoy ice-cream again. Have you ever heard of lacteeze? It really works. I carried them in my purse and I would pop a couple of them just moments before arriving at the ice-cream parlour and I was fine!!!!

If everyone on this planet were as excited about ice-cream as I am, I am certain there would be peace on earth.

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Anonymous said...

Icecream - especially wrapped in crepes with big chunks of raspberries and sauce drizzled over it. Thanks for sharing. J.