Tuesday, February 12, 2008

precious furnishings

I am the memory foam mattress. I try to absorb your aches and pains and make your tired body feel at ease. I am soft, comfy and warm. I send you off to slumber with comforting thoughts and gentle loving words. Most times. My springs are sturdy and I bounce right back when I have been utilized. I am resiliant.

My husband is the bookshelf. He stores lots of useful information. He is a fine work of craftmanship. He is made of wood but he is full of many layers and depending on how you look at him, you see a different grain. He is natural and beautiful. He is solid and sturdy. He will hold and store many things for you to ease your burden. He will still stand tall and strong even when he is overloaded. He will be loyal and keep your possessions safe until you return for them.

My son- he is our hope chest.