Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ride this wave!

I have stopped blogging since my daughter's birth.  My thoughts have taken the back burner and the last nearly five years have flown by!  How could that be? 

Where have I been? 

I have been trying to keep my head afloat running a home-based daycare with my head stuck in piles of endless laundry, multi-aged toys and clutter.  I have been too busy scraping dried up glue from table tops, scrubbing fingerprint marks etched in my walls like the Hollywood strip and watching two children of my own grow up right before my eyes with such tenacity and vigour, I am just catching my breath! 

I have also came to the reality that life has not always been what I had envisioned and sometimes it was painful to put into written words.  My truth had to reside quietly within before I could make sense of it all.  It gripped my writing style because I had specific terms that must be maintained.  Being real was one of them.  Perhaps saying nothing meant I wasn't being dishonest, at least. 

When you reach forty, I think for many, you let go of a lot of things.  You suddenly realize, judgement doesn't belong in your corner and those who care to judge can take their asses someplace else.  You suddenly become okay with being human and throwing away any scorecards you ever had.  You arrive to a place where you can speak without reservation but still maintain your integrity.  You let go of outcomes a lot easier than in your early adult years where I recall with great detail, the level of "ownership" I placed on people's reactions or ideas of me. 

So, here I am, ready to share with whomever might care to join me and get ready to ride the wave with me.  The wave called life!  The beautiful ebbs and flows that carry great gusto and magic in shaping our future paths where nothing is certain and there are so many variables involved! 

Hope you will visit from time to time and share your stories with me.  xoxoxo