Wednesday, August 06, 2008

everything miniature

It occurred to me the other day that I have neglected to ever write about my love for dolls and everything miniature. My husband just learned this recently too. I suppose it has been a hidden delight of mine.

Everything miniature has a place in my heart but doll houses and train sets are my absolute favourite. With another child on the way, I wonder if I can have the best of both worlds one day... even if we have another boy. What's wrong with doll houses??? Do you suppose a house full of boys would embrace the idea?? If we are blessed with a girl, I will at least have an ally!

I remember visiting a specialty shop on Main Street one day in Hamilton. It was full of teddy bears and doll houses. I stayed there for a very long visit. I peeked into every window of every doll house and imagined what it was like to live there. I wished for a second I could be one of the dolls. The comfort of the little chairs and beds. The delicate lamps that were operational and added such ambiance. The magic of it all. I used to play with dolls for hours on end as a young girl. I would give them such precious names that I one day had hoped to name my own children after. Valerie and Chrissy topped the list. I shudder at the thought of naming a child that now.... not that there is anything wrong with those names! haha!

I used to believe my dolls were alive when I left them at night. The mystery. The magic of childhood. My sister would often make my life even more magical by moving the dolls when I wasn't looking! It made me believe!

on the subject of yams

I am creeping into my own society of warmth. I am trying to eliminate the wasteful things we do in a day that makes time escape us so quickly. Afterall, it is only time we have in the grand scheme of things. I have been dreaming vivid, colourful dreams lately. I am sure it is because my state of mind is feeling free. My dream cycle is always a good indication of my mental health. There were days, though long ago, my dreams were full of panic-stricken fear. I sleep better now.

Perhaps with age we come to a place where we find peace in so many crevices of our lives. I yam what I yam. I am okay with who I yam. I even love yams.