Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the birds and the bees

I shiver at the thought of having this discussion with my son one day. It will likely be passed onto his father. You know, man to man, father and son stuff. Yup. That's okay with me. I will just remain a resource if need be.

It got me thinking about when my father was brave enough to tackle this one with his daughters. We were in his bedroom on Norway and we got "called in". He was a shift worker so to have him home through the night was a special treat. It usually meant we would hassle him in his bed for a while before we kissed goodnight. I used to cuddle up next to him and he liked to sleep with no shirt on. It meant his underarms were there for the taking. A tickle that is. I was all about tickling and touching his underarm hair. Lord knows I got in enough trouble for it. He hated being tickled. It made him feel powerless. Yup. I get that now when the kids tickle me in daycare.

Anyway, he began this talk by stalling and saying.. "You've heard a little about the birds and the bees, I bet? "Huh?", I said, trying with all my might to be convincing. First of all, I didn't want to admit that I probably knew more than I should, having a big sis and all. Secondly, I wanted to see him in his awkward, daddy glory. It was kind of amusing to see your parents a little squeamish when you're a kid. I let it all unfold and remained silent. Taking it all in like it was hot off the press! He did a wonderful job. It was practical, to the point and not too gross!!!

Thanks Dad.


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