Monday, August 27, 2007

Number 155!!!!!

Incredible. Incredible, I tell you.

I usually have trouble sticking to things in my leisure world. In the responsible aspects of my life, I am dreadfully loyal. Committed. Period.

I have tried to keep this blogging alive!!!!! It has almost been a year! Hooray! It has really served me well. I have written over 155 passages. I know some have been dry, boring or negative but others have been really fun to write, healing in nature and just plain old good for the soul.

Raise your mouse pad to me for sticking to it! YAY!


Anonymous said...

What we stop at 155?!?!! :O)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to clutter up your blog, but well...this is just weird.

I've been using the name "SunrunnerGal" online for 8 years now. Someone pointed me in the direction of your blog, saying, "Eh? New baby?" LOL...

Anyhow, it's weird - it's like seeing your real name being used somewhere else. Strange how the internet works!

So, congrats, anyhow - enjoy motherhood; I do!