Monday, August 20, 2007

A day in late August

dew worms everywhere
sunlight peeking through the windows
cool, breezy afternoon
a simmering sauce on the stove filled with fresh herbs from our garden
a perfect cup of coffee warms my hands
baseball game on the television
my to-do list has all been checked off
husbands are like comfort food most of the time
a quiet telephone
open windows and blowing curtains please me
a baby awakens from his nap
I am at home on a Sunday afternoon with my family.


Anonymous said...

Oh! How cozy! Sounds to me like you are starting to think of fall! The most coziest season of all! You must come for a fall visit, some hiking to see the leaves apple cider, hot coffee, and soups!

wheelyfish said...

Brilliant, Beautiful, Warm & Wonderful!