Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I remember the quiet

Today I drove down a side street with my windows down and something grabbed my attention quickly. The quiet. There was absolute silence on this street. I pulled the vehicle over and turned off my ignition. I was alone. I was suddenly captivated by the sound of quiet. I have not heard it in some time and I was now savouring it. I closed my eyes and paused a deep breath.

I like the hustle and bustle of my life. It is not chaotic and filled with clutter. It is abundant with life and fairly simple yet there are times when I don't stop to pause when I need to.

On a random Wednesday evening, there I was. I remembered the quiet.

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Anonymous said...

yes dear laura, the elusive quiet! even when there's no sound we can hear the whining, crying and even breathing of our children like a ring in the ear! gets worse. the first baby is like a dream though. it's so much more intense raising just one. i did it for ten years before the second (as you know) and now i realise how much more one on one you have when you just have one. lol. glad you had a quiet moment to enjoy:)
love con <3