Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Clean up in Aisle One please"

There is a cashier in me that will always remain. The little girl who loved pulling out canned goods from her aunt's fruit cellar while her sister rung them in was so much fun! I remember those days clearly. We'd take turns playing "customer" and "cashier" but we'd usually fight over the "cashier" role. Of course.

Throughout my teen years, I had various cashier jobs and this time, I actually got paid! Sweet! There was something about ringing the items through, taking money and giving back change, bagging the items and waving good-bye! I really enjoyed those transactions. Sounds funny eh?

You have no idea how excited I was to walk into Zehrs a few years back to find the Self Check-outs! It was my chance to get in the cashier role again but this time with my own groceries! My husband would often get fed up and start walking out of the store while I slowly scanned each item and carefully placed it into the bag. He would insist how much quicker it was to go through the regular check-outs but for me, it wasn't about that!

When I began my search for day-care items, guess what I searched for first? A cash register and some "pretend" produce, vegetables and plastic canned goods! I will often beg the kids to let me have my turn at cashier. I will pick up my pretend speaker phone and announce "Attention Shoppers, it is 9:00 and our store is now closing...." The kids laugh. I make my announcements with my very nasal tone and it makes for one very realistic cashier!

My inner child is here to stay and I am certain this will keep me young!

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WowoJeans said...

I do the same thing.... and Aidan, my usual shopping chum is also so very keen to use the self checkouts... what a hoot!