Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 14, 1969

I am not one for remembering people's anniversaries. I have trouble enough remembering birthdays as it is. There is on anniversary that I never forget though. It is permanently embedded in my psyche. June 14, 1969. This is the date that my parents Sam and Donna were married. This year would have marked their 38th wedding anniversary. That is a very long time.

My experience as a kid from divorce has been bittersweet. I am happy that my parents have both found love and compatibility in their lives with other partners now. As an adult, I can understand why things didn't work out between them. They have been separated for so many years now that things have shifted and new roles and dynamics have been defined.
The inner child in me never yearned for them to reunite. I just longed for them to get along and like eachother again. I am so happy to say that my parents have given my sister and I the greatest gift. They are friends again and that has given me so much peace.
Sam and Donna grew up together and their relationship begun at a very young age. They married when they were 19 years old!! They enjoyed many, many years with a wonderful group of friends and they were a very sociable couple- going to parties, dances, barbeques and trips. Carrie and I grew up with lots of people around us, much laughter and love.
I feel sad that we all had to experience the pain and loss of our family unit but time heals all things.
There is some kind of comfort knowing my parents share such a long history together as adolescents, young adults and now grandparents. I can always count on them sharing funny stories of days gone by that they shared together.
They gave us life. They give us love. Thank you my dear parents. So every year, when this day arrives, I still kind of celebrate them and whisper Happy Anniversary to myself.

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wheelyfish said...

WoW! Laura, you brought me to tears with this story. Other than the facts that I'm your dads first nephew & that I looked up to him when i was growing up, I always wondered why he took my "accident" so badly! Now I think i understand!
Thank you, cousin, i really enjoyed this!

oh, and i'm sharing your site with a few of my friends!;) Love you, xox