Monday, June 18, 2007


I stepped back from packing the car up because something caught my attention. It was a beautiful glimpse of a daddy and baby boy sitting under an umbrella on our favourite beach, the sun starting to set, the breeze catching their hair. A perfect glimpse into the simplicity and genuine love they have for one another. This father and son. My husband is trying to feed our baby his bottle before we embark on a long journey home. All of a sudden, his shoulders begin to bounce up and down as he laughs at the antics of our baby whose latest fascination is to chew with his new teeth on the bottle's nipple and then spit out the milk that happens to get in the way of his fun!
This year has really been quite an eye opener. Despite the understandable "back burner" our relationship has had to take since the birth of our son, we continue to refine our relationship as parents and partners to eachother. It hasn't all been rosey. How much fun would life really be if it were all smooth sailing? You have to be able to experience difficulties, frustrations and growth in order to fully appreciate progress and evolution.

My husband once told me he didn't envision his life with children in it because he had thought it was too late for him, being 40 and all. Big deal. Now when I revisit that statement with him, he smiles and laughs at where our paths have taken us. We both cannot fathom what we would be without this baby. People change. People grow. People challenge their fears and suddenly realize, life really is wonderful if you let it be so.

I love this baby's Daddy. He makes my cheeks hurt sometimes because I can't smile enough when I am in his presence.

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Anonymous said...

your husband and son are so very fortunate to have such a loving partner and mother. glad to hear the beautiful feelings you harbour for them both laura:)