Wednesday, May 23, 2007

courageous words of profanity

There is a rebellious teenager inside me that wants to shout out obscenities in my writing! I want to voice all of the frustration or hurt I have felt but more so, I just want to use my creativity in a different voice sometimes. Not all of this tactful, respectful and censored thinking. Don't get me wrong, my writing comes naturally for the most part. Once in a while though, I come across some powerfully moving stuff from other writers that have profanity painted all over their walls and it stuns me and moves me completely. It hits me right in the gut and I get their message instantly. No questions asked. No underlying meaning. Just staring me in the face in their bold print.

I applaud these kind of writers. They are brave and courageous. We can't always see things in a positive light. This is not reality. I don't think I will ever be brave enough in this regard. I will just continue shouting into a pillow when need be.

We all need an outlet sometimes.

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