Friday, July 27, 2007

the eleventh month

I remember my sister saying to me a few years back, once you have a child, your whole life shifts and your outlook changes. You see things from a different perspective and things that normally would build up in your system just won't affect you the same anymore.

Our baby is reaching the eleventh month mark. Yikes! There is something to be said about nearing his first birthday. It really makes me want to cry me a river!

That said. This is what I think right about now.

I have spent enough of my days questioning the true meaning of life. It is here now in the flesh! We have a little miracle of life in our arms, waiting to be nurtured, loved, taught and guided. Our lives are really full. I have to be in this moment with our child. For every minute I may be preoccupied, I miss out. I will not miss out.

My priorities have shifted. I am "in the game". If anything is going to make me take life in a more healthy direction, I have our baby to thank! I have began filtering what matters most. It is a chance to get my butt in motion, clear my headspace, get rid of emotional baggage that is blocking me and be the best person I can be. I love my life. I love our life together!

I could never imagine this baby would impact our lives so beautifully.

The best is yet to be baby boy.


WowoJeans said...

I choke back a tear of happiness for you my friend... so glad you arrived at this spot with your loving family. It is true... bringing our babes to this world is nothing but gift after gift for us as mothers. Your boy will grow knowing his value in the world because of your sentiments and this is fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

you are truly a special person in every sense of the word laura:) your wonderful baby will feel and absorb all of this love you shower upon him and he'll blossom into a loving, self-assured gentleman!!!!