Friday, July 27, 2007

A Rare Find

Did this photograph make you look twice?!?
You can imagine what I thought when I found this rare discovery in Southampton last week. This photo doesn't belong to me but it was found on the internet while I searched for any clues that there could be such thing as two-headed turtles. Well, see for yourself now folks! (ahhhhem, dear husband who doubted me. What do you have to say for yourself now!)
After second guessing my vision, I called my father over to verify this. He and I watched closely in awe as both heads popped up above water and looked in separate directions. It was one of the most hilarious things I have seen. At the same time, it horrified me! I can't explain, really. It was something that I just couldn't seem to shake the entire evening. A shiver kept coming over me as I thought of a two-headed turtle in my bed as I tried to go to sleep. I said aloud to my husband, "that really was a turtle with two heads! Can you believe it!!"
Now that my internet search tells me this is a rare finding, I will have to call the Ministy of Natural Resources and tell them to be on the look out for this strange creature in Fairy Lake!

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Anonymous said...

sadly, this is a direct result of polution and toxins in the eco system! i clipped a newspaper article once about a frog who's eyes were in his mouth! he could only see to hop when he opened his mouth :( you are right to have a shiver up your spine about it. it's nature's way of saying she can't handle any more of our crap!