Monday, July 30, 2007

Baby Milkshakes

My husband was giving me the low-down when I returned home from shopping. He began by saying he and the baby had a great time playing together while I was gone. He then began telling me that he prepared a bottle for the baby but for some reason, it looked extra thick to him today! Before he could finish his sentence, my first-time mother alarm bell began sounding off! In my head, my exacting and methodical nature began screaming out "he must not have used the right proportions!" but my heart also melted at the same time and caught me from saying anything out loud.

I just listened as he continued with this now amusing story, as he arrived at the same conclusion my instincts were telling me. He used too much formula and not enough water. He also went on to say that the baby would not let this particular bottle out of his grip, as he slurped this baby milkshake up in no time!

I am so glad the baby enjoyed this so much and I am even more delighted that I saw the humour in it all!

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