Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Welcome to the Block!

Tonight was a warm summer-like evening. We opened all the windows and I began to read a book in bed because it was far too early to sleep, I thought. My eyes began getting drowsy and I was losing interest in this novel. To my delight, I jumped up out of bed and ran to the window! It was literally, music to my ears. The sound of a guitar playing and a male voice leading the song with little girls singing their hearts out with him! I knew it had to be the neighbours across the street. I have shared a few brief conversations with them before. I have been intrigued by them since we moved in. My husband and I often find amusement watching the two little girls creating their own adventures in the front yard. They are often seen pulling their puppies on leashes, hanging from the trees, chasing each other up and down the street and giggling as much as they can. It really is something wonderful. I can't tell you what the sound of children's laughter does for me. It assures me that those kids are getting exactly what they need.... a carefree childhood that is busy with activity and their imaginations!

I began putting my shoes on and my husband wondered where I was going. As I called back to him, I told him I was going to join the party! He laughed. He knows me too well. Where there is activity and excitement, Laura is there!

I now stood on their porch and tried not to interrupt their song. They wrapped up and I gave them a round of applause! I explained how much I enjoyed hearing them singing from across the street, that I just had to get a front row seat for at least one more song. Without hesitation, they smiled and began performing like they were on stage. The oldest girl holding a pretend microphone while the youngest sat on a bar-like stool. The father (Keith) who is a local musician told me he tries to treat everyday around their place like it's the weekend. What a wonderful outlook! He was sipping on wine, the tealight candles added a special ambiance to their patio while the girls stood around in their PJ's.

I didn't want to overstay my welcome but I was officially welcomed to the block and told to come back soon to one of their backyard concerts! These are the type of people we love to have as neighbours, I thought.

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