Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wonderful Wednesdays

This week I am choosing to celebrate my niece Alex on this wonderful Wednesday since we share a birthday! Happy Birthday to my one and only.. Alexandra Nicole!!!

Top ten reasons I love her so much:
  1. She is an old soul. Her level of understanding far surpasses that of an eleven year old.
  2. Her eyes sparkle with mischief and with loyalty.
  3. She makes me feel good about being a girl.
  4. She is sensitive by nature and has a heart of gold.
  5. She giggles often and its contagious.
  6. She is honest with her feelings and forthright with her emotions.
  7. She loves her brother and doesn't hide it.
  8. She loves pizza and getting her back rubbed, just like her auntie.
  9. We have an understanding. We "get" eachother.
  10. When I look into her eyes, I see my childhood all over again.

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