Thursday, April 26, 2007

Birthday Baby

"The Journey Of Life Begins With A Single Step"
I am a woman of 34 years who hasn't learned to tie her shoes right yet.
I wonder how many miles I have walked in this life so far?
Ella Fitzgerald shares a birthday with me.
I always wanted to be a talented jazz singer!
I am a happy girl.
Life is the most ridiculously wonderful event
I could ever ask for.


WowoJeans said...

Who put sweet Fischer in a dress??? Wow! What a strong strong resemblance!!! Happy Birthday to silly you!

Anne said...

What a beautiful child. I know from first hand experience that she grew into a very beautiful woman. A woman who is a loving wife, a caring and gentle mother, a true friend, a great sister and a most of all a person with a wide open heart. I am proud to know you. Have a happy birthday with many more to come.