Monday, April 23, 2007

a friend of a ladybug

Ladybugs make me so happy. Not sure why. I like their name for starters but the beautiful patterns on their backs are so artistic. They look so friendly. Most people are afraid of bugs but I have never heard of anyone being afraid of a lady bug. Although they are a member of the beetle family, they are too "ladylike" to be taken for granted really.

I remember sitting at my window in the early spring of 1997. I was feeling a little bit down. I was smoking out the window, as I recall. I didn't do this often. I was also listening to the gentle rain and the cool air felt good blowing through the window. All of a sudden, there appeared a lady bug on my finger out of no-where. Odd, I thought. I started to talk to this little critter of a lady and she walked all the way up my arm before I gently let her off onto the window sill. I said good-bye and off she went.

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