Monday, April 09, 2007

My short published piece!

Mapquest-- The Journey of Life

The internet is an endless resource for consumers. Everything from searching for love to searching for a vast supply of products and everything in between.

Mapquest is a website that acts as your on-line compass around the world. You name a destination and with a click of the mouse, you get directions!

I wonder if such a thing will exist where you can "map quest your life's path" and get directions to it one day! That will save a lot of unnecessary travel expenses, gasoline and heart-aches for people. Hey- it may even protect the ozone layer if we keep our travels to a minimum! I'm all for that!

I often contemplate life and feel I have navigated myself through some pretty interesting terrain. I find it fascinating that there are so many twists and turns in a life-time that nothing can truly be "mapped out". There are so many variables. Our daily choices combined with plain old circumstances can make for one winding, bumpy and exhilarating journey.

Think of all the short-cuts and detours you have taken. You thought you were onto something wonderful and then the brakes went on and you made a left turn instead of a right. I wonder how things would have turned out for you if you just stayed to the right? I wonder if you hadn't come across this person and that person along the way what that would have meant for you in the long run?

Life is so mysterious to me. Predictability makes people feel safe. Maps and directions make people feel in control because it is in writing, I suppose.

I believe our most reliable compass is our gut and even that is subject to change.

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