Sunday, April 08, 2007

the kitchen table

This past weekend, I enjoyed sitting at my mother-in-law's kitchen table. It is a simple pleasure I get when I visit her small town. It gives me a "small town feel" and so much comfort. While my sister-in-law Jan hopped around from counter to counter, I watched her in awe. She always takes great pride in preparing delicious meals on holidays and all year through. She is a great cook and a "domesticated diva"- really. If she were to live closer, I think my husband would be at her place all the time tasting her pies, jams, baked goods and spaghettti sauce. I am certain of this.

Family time has been lost in many households across the world. I think the kitchen table is what keeps family's together. It is where stories are told, laughter is shared, comfort is given and nourishment is received.

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Anne said...

Hi Laura, It's me again. I don't know if Laurel has told you about this or not so I feel I must. I'm teaching Josh & Emily to cook! I feel as Gramma I should leave some kind of lasting impression on their lives and seeing as how I love to feed people, I wish to pass this on.

It started with Josh coming down to use my computer for a project. After he was finished, I thought it would be cool if he made us all dinner. Having some hamburger out, I dug out my meatloaf recipe and all of the ingredients and offered tips as he was elbow deep in the mess that turned out to be a wonderful meatloaf. The next time he slept over here, he thought scrammie eggs would make a good breakfast, so once again I gave instruction and he turned out some pretty good eggs.

In January I had both Josh and Em over to bake pies. They each make their own batch of pastry from scratch and put together apple, pumpkin, lemon meringue and cherry pies to take home. I was there for advice only. They did all of the work, including peeling apples. The pies were delicious!

In February they made Breaded Pork Chops in tomato sauce and Banana Bread. Again by themselves.

Josh will be helping to make Laurel's birthday dinner and cake later this month.

Within the next year I am hoping that Josh and Em can make out a complete menu, grocery list, shop for the necessary food and cook a complete meal for their families by themselves.

Whenever you want cooking lessons for your child, just let me know.

Just call me Gramma