Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Shady Tree

Think of all of the wonderful things you can do under a shady tree. It is the perfect prop for so many things. You can sleep, have a picnic, read a great book, gaze into someone's eyes or just lay back and look up at all of the lush leaves and daydream about something special.

When you pay attention to nature and its progression through the seasons (like I do now) you watch things grow and blossom and then fade away and die. I know that November is difficult for me for this very reason. I feel loss as the trees loose their leaves and stand bare for the cold winter ahead. They must feel lonely, cold, unattractive and abandoned. Okay, I am giving the trees humanistic traits that they don't have, but this is how I would feel if I were a tree.

I am deeply affected by nature and its powerful healing properties. If you surround yourself in nature, love nature and respect nature, it will do so much for you.

Though there are no leaves on the branches outside our home, I anxiously await them to lovingly fill the trees with their beauty.

Enjoy this picture taken outside my work at the retreat centre. It was a perfect autumn day!

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