Wednesday, April 11, 2007

wonderful wednesdays

Wednesday is my day of reflection. Today, I thought about what things give me comfort.

Here's my top ten:

  1. A hot bubble bath: Nothing beats this! Bubbles and hot, steaming water. Though I never have enjoyed reading in the bath (I know people that do), it is my time to daydream which is one my favourite things to do! I also like to sing my heart out like the lounge singer I have always wanted to be and make my lyrics up as I go! Most times the words don't even make sense but who's listening anyway? I also like to close my eyes and dunk my head under the water and just be. I crank the furnace up so I am toasty when I get out because that is the hardest part!
  2. A cozy blanket: I now have a favourite blankie. It is from LaSenza (who knew they had chenille blankets- thanks Helga!) It is so comforting to wrap myself in it on a cold day and watch a movie or my favourite soap, or with a good book, or when I take a nap with the baby or whenever I just want to feel surrounded by something very warm and soothing. I have even shed a few tears in it and it really helped. It is the kind of feeling you get when you are wrapped in your mother's arms... and she doesn't have to say a word.
  3. Chocolate: I know this can't be something I rely on too much. Just today I discussed in great detail my shared love for chocolate with my friend Denine. We both fell in love with it years ago! It's the only thing you can put in your mouth and you instantly feel like you are ooozing with comfort and it takes you to a different place.
  4. Cookies baking in the oven: The aroma alone is just enough to remind me of "home". Enough said.
  5. Hugs from my husband: There is something to be said about his arms. I remember when we were just friends and he offered me a hug when I was really stressed out. It made me weak in the knees, let me tell you. His hugs are firm, genuine and safe.
  6. A call from Mom or Dad: Both of them have such soothing voices when need be. I don't care how old I get, it will be something I will never be too proud to receive! They offer me the perfect blend. My mom gives me really good advice and she often talks alot. She usually gets pretty emotional and will usually shed as many tears as I do. She is in that moment with me- completely. My dad is usually the more silent type. He will talk really soft, ask a few questions and spends more time just listening. His steady voice and unwavering disposition gives me quick reasoning abilities and mental clarity. He cries too sometimes but usually keeps it together for me and offers me solutions.
  7. Baby time: I am learning that babies can be so therapeutic. Just being in their presence offers you a constant glimpse at what the closest thing to perfection can be- their innocence, their new skin, their flawless disposition, their unconditional love. All you have to do is love a baby and they think the world of you.
  8. Old Photographs: My grandmother is amused by my love for old photos. I constantly pull out her albums when I visit and look at each picture over and over. They are so revealing with emotions, memories, family dynamics, personalities and history. Of what was then that cannot be erased by time.
  9. Nature: All I have to do is look to the sky, the sun, the clouds. Breathe the air, listen to a bird's song, smell the earth and listen to the trees rustle in the wind.
  10. A good belly laugh: There is humour in everything, even when you are feeling sad. I look around and think of the endless possibilities of humour and find it often. Sometimes my husband won't get this. "How could you be in the depths of despair and then suddenly start busting a gut with laughter!" I don't even bother explaining. You just have to be me! If you can't laugh at yourself, you have nothing.

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WowoJeans said...

If I had to list things that give me comfort.... you and your gentle thoughts would be make the cut... I love coming here to get some Loa perspective.... thanks for the comfort my friend~~