Sunday, March 18, 2007


She stared at the man standing at the phone booth. She looked closer and recognized him. His posture, hair, stature and voice were all familiar. He turned around and caught her glance. Big smile. His laugh lines were even more endearing.

They walk and talk and enjoy a spontaneous light lunch in Jackson Square. Get caught up. He asks for money. Hesitatingly, she hands him her last twenty dollar bill. They laugh. He walks on with his day and greets a friend to his left.

He told me "Homeless people are human beings just like the rest of us."

He is my uncle.

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CarrieGirl said...

A lump in my throat formed almost immediately with this one. A poignant piece of a much loved Uncle, still here but forgotten by many. I am glad we haven't.
Thanks Laur.