Sunday, March 18, 2007

congrats to my blog sista

My beloved friend Laurel is celebrating her 100th blog anniversary. This means she has shared over 100 stories of courage, laughter, fear, love and loss, milestones and pondering reflections! Bravo Laurel! We embarked on this blog journey together, knowing our stories would free us in some way.

We are gals who are always looking for forums in which to make sense of things and to challenge ourselves in ways that aren't always comfortable. That is, to know our limits and reach beyond them. To seek to understand ourselves and our loved ones and to continue to grow as human beings. We know we are far from perfect. We just try to conduct ourselves in a real way. Sometimes fumbling and finding out the hard way but overall, we have turned out okay!

I love you Laurel. Thank you for inspiring me to continue to write, despite my fears in doing so, at times. Thank you for challenging me when I second guess myself and for leading me to the light.

We will always be two school girls reaching out to eachother. Vulnerable yet so wise.

Love to thee.

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WowoJeans said...

Laura! You are so very funny, sweet, genuine and wise.... I smiled a big big smile when I saw this silly post. You will celebrate just about anything just like me. There is nothing in our friendship that comes by chance... you give so much to my life including the outlet I have found these past months...Thanks! I know that you are meant to be in my story.... it has always felt so right!