Monday, January 22, 2007

not as advertised

The king size bed we bought the other day was tested out today! It failed miserably! My husband was drawn to this bed because it promised for a steady and solid sleep... no waking from your wife's tossing and turning, wine drinking or bowling tournaments. You see, the commercial demonstrates a bowling ball being tossed down onto the mattress and the sleeper remains un-disturbed. The memory foam is supposed to soften the fall or commotion. The other demonstration was a wine glass full of red wine sitting on the bed while a woman jumps up and down on the bed like a lunatic- the glass remains full!

Tonight, I wanted to test my own theories about this bed and prove my husband wrong! We weren't brave enough to sip wine in bed so I asked him to go and get us two big bowls of cereal- corn pops to be exact! We never eat sugar cereal but it was a special event to be had in our new bed! Picture this- there we were, sitting on the bed, taking turns eating our corn pops while the other one bounced on the bed. Result- never cry over spilt milk, I tell you!

Not as advertised, I am afraid. Nevertheless, a comfortable night's sleep still awaits us.

Good night!

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