Friday, January 12, 2007

Feeding Time!!

Today after getting a pep talk and some solid advice from my best friend Siobbhan (Godess and Mother of two), I arrived at a good conclusion- it's time. The baby has put me through the ringer the last week waking up through the night and re-claiming newborn status with the need to be fed every two hours!! Cluster feeding aka growth spurt for this little babe. I am persevering but I think this baby is trying to tell us something- he needs more!! We gave him his first taste of cereal tonight and boy did he love it! He was so excited he went cross-eyed and squeeled with delight. Furthermore, he did not reject it and we couldn't get the spoon in his mouth quick enough. As you can see from the pictures, it was not long before he took over. The spoon was in his hand as he smothered it all over his face mostly but eventually it made it to its destination! Yummy for him and so delightful to watch!

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WowoJeans said...

Such a cutie pie!!! I am in awe of this little face.... so much like his Mamma!! I cannot believe how fast he is growing and eating already!! Yay Fischer!!