Thursday, January 11, 2007

lions and tigers and bears

The Wizard of Oz is my favourite movie of all times. I don't think it will ever be replaced.
The singing, the dancing, the performing, the magic of it all.

As I have said before, if I were any one of these characters, I would play the lion and ask for courage. Why? Everyone needs a great dose of courage in this life.

Sometimes I am afraid of my own shadow and its capabilities. I have to ponder things from all angles and analyze the molasses of out it. (note: I am trying to use more appropriate language since it's so easy to use filler words like crap- ooops, I said it).

May I trust my gut more. A recent study said you really should go with what your gut tells you. Often times, people ignore what their instincts have told them. I will listen to you more, gut. I promise. You are right most times. I value you.

Sometimes I fear the unknown. What does it matter- it's going to happen anyway! Instead, may I try to embrace the unknown and know that I have more control over my own outcomes than I realize. I must breathe good things and feel good things and they will happen. Forget about wasting my money on fortune tellers, I may get good enough and be able to forecast my own fate. In addition, may I just enjoy the here and now. Often times, I look way too far ahead. By the time I get actually physically get to that time, I am way past that concern and it's irrelevant. I have moved onto other things.

Most times I fear loss. This is a big one. I must work really hard at this. Why is it that I think about this way too much? I know it's big for most people but it's really big for me. Some things we just don't have control over and the inevitable happens. We loose things that matter to us- people and things. People obviously being the important one here. If I could gather up all of the courage from OZ, I would get better at this. It will take some time.

I will just follow the yellow brick road and find me some courage.

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