Wednesday, December 20, 2006

tree of hope

My tree of hope is located on my street. Whoever took the time to line this tree full of lights was a saint! It glistens and lights up the entire street! The picture really doesn't do it justice.
My hopes for the upcoming year...

  • to avoid gossip.
  • to give thanks at meal-times and never say "I'm starving" because I truly don't know what that feels like and I hope I never will.
  • to make time for people I look in the mirror and make funny faces at myself often and embrace my laugh lines.
  • to end my day with sigh of gratefulness.
  • to always look out for people who may feel lost and help them find their way.
  • to never turn down an opportunity to have a big belly laugh (minus the belly) which leads to my next wish... to love the skin I'm in but make more efforts to lead a healthier/active life.
  • to always remain humble and grounded with the belief that we are all equals.
  • to challenge myself to face and conquer at least one fear this upcoming year.
  • to have more patience with telemarketers and salespeople- they need to earn a living too.
  • to afford myself the luxury of chocolate only once a week.
  • to spend less but feel more enriched than money can buy.
  • to make a new tradition with my hubby that we must stop, sit and kiss on benches we may come across in our travels.
  • to adore this growing baby of ours each and every single day of our lives.
  • to continue to do things for myself that nurture my mind, body and spirit.
  • to actively engage with young people and know what's on their minds.
  • to promote myself to people who need a listening ear.
  • to give my Grandma much time to talk about herself when I am in her company.
  • to never stop believing in miracles and that the human spirit is still alive.
  • to be me. to know what's best. to contribute to the greater good.
2007 is just another year that has to be savoured and not wasted. Live your life well.

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kd said...

well what a wonderful post, dear are delightfully ambitious, and i know that your work with and attention to all of these things will continue to make you as special as you are! xoxox,