Tuesday, December 19, 2006

friends are like flowers

"Friends are like flowers, beautiful flowers,
friends are like flowers in the garden of life.
Are you a daisy, are you a rose, are you a dandelion?
You can be what you'll be, I'll be what I am.
We will be friends in the garden of life."

I used to sing this song in grade 4. I would sing at the top of my lungs, together with my classmates. I thought if I sang as loud as I could, it would hold more meaning and my dear friends would know how I felt about them. I used to look around the classroom as I sang it aloud and smile at my friends while I sang my heart out. Today, I still sing the song. I believe friends are truly like flowers. They all represent something different in your life. They are all unique and colourful in their own way-adding up to one beautiful bouquet.

I consider myself to be much like a dandelion. This particular flower is a pest to some but tolerated by others! (hehe). I happen to love them because they are often overlooked! The colour yellow represents hope, cheer and sunshine. It also represents mellow yellow; someone who is laid back and relaxed. On the negative side yellow can also mean cowardly. Yes, I am fearful and cowardly at times. If I were to visit the land of OZ, I, too, would ask for courage like the cowardly lion. Dandelions are resiliant, resourceful and can adapt to most conditions. They are hardy, stubborn and steadfast. It takes a lot to get rid of them! A dandelion might not be as pretty as a rose but nevertheless, they are nice to look at.

Most of all, dandelions have strong roots that have healing properties. I hope in some way, I have a calming, healing affect on people. I think about my friends often. They are very important to me, despite what distances may be between us. Life gets busy and we don't often connect with eachother as much as we'd like. I carry each one of you with me though through this journey called life. Each of you are a precious flower to me that I won't take for granted. I will water our friendship and keep it in full bloom because you are such a part of me.

With Love & Friendship xoxoxo

This is me with one of my very best friends.... I think she is a gerbera daisy.. my favourite flower of all.


WowoJeans said...

Aawww, thanks Beav!! You are a beeauuuutiful dandelion!! A wonderful friend and the proof of this is in looking around to see how many of your friendships have lasted time and distance, years long from all chapters of your life. Love the sunflower from the college chapter!! xox Lol

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... a dandelion..stubborn and steadfast...very very apt!! A perfect description of my very good friend Laura. Although I must say, I've always thought the dandelion to be one of the most beautiful flowers, honestly, just ask my mom. I would bring home huge bouquets of dandelions to stand in the kitchen window sill. The dandelion is one of the most beautiful flowers, and it just doesn't need the accoladies of the rose because it stands on it's own, authentic and true a beautiful flower that's beauty is there for all to see!!!