Friday, December 22, 2006

Mr. Beasley

I lost a best friend of mine years ago when we moved to a new home.
Mrs. Beasley, or Mrs. B -
first name unknown and unimportant.
Mrs. B was my pal.
I often wonder where the dear soul ended up,
I presume somewhere between Moxley Crt.
and Burris St.
Indeed, I'd never suggest my mother somehow helped her find her way into the garbage.
I would never do that. But as my Ma will admit herself, she has a way of these type of accidents happening.
I don't blame anyone, especially now that I have kids. You tell them to pick up their toys one too may times , and all prized possessions become vulnerable. What seems like garbage to a parent, is a sacred keepsake to a child, regardless of how dirty and gooey, and so it should be.
Needless to say, Original Mrs. Beasley was lost.
I convinced myself that somehow Mrs B. found her way into a needy child's arms to live happily ever after, once she fell off the moving truck.
A few years ago, I came into possession of Mrs. Beasley again. It was delightful. The marvels of e-Bay !
Although she was exactly as I remembered her : frizzy yellow hair, blue and white polka dot outfit, fancy bib and 2 pairs of granny glasses...1 for special days, the gold ones with real glass, and black spectacles without glass for everyday... she paled in comparison to my original.
The smell of playdough, cookies and sisterly goo was gone from her. She is a more pristine version of my best friend from years gone by; but, I enjoy our reunion and let my children play with her whenever they like, in hope that the kid smells come back.
In September I became and Aunt to a most darling little boy, Fischer.
I have still not found the words to describe my love for this little person. Much like a child of my own, but without the pressure ! The best of both worlds I suppose.
And as an unexpected bonus to Aunthood, he fits into Mrs. Beasley's everyday glasses perfectly !
As a little girl, I always longed to know the Mister of Mrs. Beasley.... that was always a mystery to me. Where was Mr. Beasley ?
Well, I found him...... Fischer E. Beasley.
How do you do Sir ?
- by Carrie M.

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