Sunday, November 26, 2006

cat and mouse

Anna was an elderly neighbour of polish descent. She moved into the home of my good friend who had to move away. I was devasted. Anna was to blame of course, or so I thought. How dare she run Sneznia and her family out of the neighbourhood. She had it coming!

On moving day, Anna snarled at all of us on-lookers. My plan was born and I would be giving my new neighbour my very own heart-felt welcome later on that week when the time was right!

The day came. It was a perfect summer night - black as pitch and not a star in the sky! Excellent conditions for "the job", I thought. As I crept over to the bushes near Anna's, I could see her sitting in a chair. The lights were off but the television flickered through the curtains. Suddenly, Anna bolted up from her chair as an erratic beam of light zapped her in the eye. Wildly, I swirled the flashlight. My heart was pounding. I was laughing uncontrollably and squealing with delight! Anna whipped open her front door - I acted quickly. Out went the light and I crept away into the darkness. Anna stood on her porch and yelled something out in polish. Quickly, she turned back into the house, slamming the door.

Carefully, I waited for Anna to get settled back into her chair before I got carried away again. This time, I laughed even harder as I saw Anna spring from her seat with cat-like agility- she was an old bird but could really move.

I persisted with this game of cat and mouse at least four times! What was I thinking?!? I should've packed it in sooner. I could have boasted a "successful mission" at my next clubhouse meeting and looked like a big shot. Instead, my impulsivity prevailed and so did Anna, I suppose.

On the fourth attempt, Anna discovered the light source and must have crawled past the living room window to her back door. Before I knew it, my squeals of delight lead to my demise. Pulling me out of the bushes by my impish ten-year-old ear, Anna marched me all the way home. She was practically foaming at the mouth as she spewed polish profanities.
I was ashamed but had no regrets. I was a kid.

Fischer, please remember to respect your elders as I do now.

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CarrieGirl said...

I will read this whenever I am having a bad day and I know it will pick me up. This was a hilarious piece for me. I guess because I can recall what you looked like at that age. Your little mischeavious bev face !