Thursday, November 09, 2006

A colourful selection...

Dear Fischer,

There are so many things I want to tell you as your mother. As long as you are my young boy, I will give you many opportunities to learn about people. When you are grown up, I hope you continue to do this on your own.

People come in many different shapes, colours and sizes. Choose a colourful selection of people to surround yourself with. It would be boring if you had ten of the same friends who looked the same, thought the same and acted the same. Instead, open yourself up to learning how people live and what's on their minds. Ask lots of questions! Don't be shy. Be respectful and gentle with people's hearts. You will come from a good place and you will be a good friend. I can see it in your eyes already. You are loyal and genuine. Your smile is warm.

The world is big and there are a lot of things about it that are scarey but keep your focus on your world. It is your own. Make it as good as it can be. You can make a difference. Look around you and help someone out. Don't waste time wondering how you will be repaid or who will notice. Just help. Live, Love and Laugh my sweet boy.
I adore you.

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a concerned grandparent said...

What sage advice young lady. It is also very wise to chart a course for this fine young fellow, far in advance of having to cast him off. Your words of love and encouragement , recorded in this journal, will be available at a later date, along with the solid advice in its message.
A tourist faced father couldn't have said it better.