Monday, November 27, 2006

a big sister's sage advice

Dear Laur,
I told you, you look different to me since you've had Fischer. Your personal growth is written all over you, and you shine shine shine. These are wonderful days for you indeed. Aunt Sharon said something to me when Alex was first born, when I was overwhelmed with joy and so much love for her that I thought I'd burst. She told me that Motherhood is the absolute ultimate thing in life without a doubt, there are times when you feel like you can conquer every world issue, just you and your baby, but it also has doses of gut wrenching worry and plenty of frustration as kids get older ... all you can do is forgive yourself for your mistakes. You will make plenty. It does become somewhat tainted overtime as children grown up..... Your ideal nutritional plan for them will go out the window when they start school and lunchables and treats are favored over your carefully planned perfectly balanced lunch of raw veggies and 7 grain wheat. You start hearing their "friendisms" in their language. You have to ASK for hugs when they get home from school. The world gets a hold of them and they slowing become their own person and not just an extention of you, safely latched to your breast. I try and teach the kids that if we could all just be responsible for doing one thing everyday, it should be that we're mindful of ourselves, our actions and words and how we treat others, good lives happen.
I love you lots, Care

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