Thursday, March 22, 2007

my favourite things to say as a kid

Hey- I didn't say they were nice. However, I used them sparingly and with just cause (most times). Please note: at least none of these were racial or prejudiced in any way. I was taught never to use such content at a very young age. Thanks Dad!

  • Leave me alone. My Dad owns the street. My Dad's the mayor.
  • Sike!
  • Shut up, you stooge (as in 3 stooges)
  • Come here you little bugger (to my dog who I loved)
  • Fine then, see if I give a care!
  • You're not my best friend.
  • Like, gag me with a spoon.
  • I'm not allowed to lend (when I didn't feel like sharing)
  • My sister will beat you up.
  • That's totally gnarly.

1 comment:

WowoJeans said...

Hahahaha...lmao at "I'm not allowed to lend"... such a good cop out, I used it too. This is a cute post... funny girl!