Monday, March 12, 2007

body image

I was horrified today watching a television commercial from LA weight loss! Its premise was that "skin was in and food was out". My goodness, what is this world coming to?

I am really worried about the young girls growing up today. They are subjected to this crazed body image stuff at such a tender age. They grow up way too quickly and this added pressure is just not fair.

A friend of mine hosted a birthday party last month for her 8 year old daughter. The evening promised to be fun filled with an "all night dance party" for five of her girlfriends. "All night" just made it sound really appealing but they crashed at eleven after dancing the night away in the living room to their favourite music! My friend baked a delicious chocolate cake for the party and when she brought it out, there was no response! The only person who had a piece of the cake was the birthday girl herself. One girl piped up and said "Oh, I can't eat that or I'll get a fat butt."

I think it's wonderful that kids say no to eating junk food often or they are health conscious but this came from a different place. It represents the fear, worry and anxiety young girls have about their looks when they really should be free-spirited in this time of their lives. Cake is a wonderful treat to bring out on a special occasion!

How sad.

I want all of the young girls in my life to be healthy both in body and mind. I want to reach out to them and say, yes- nurture your bodies, treat them right, stay active, eat your veggies but for goodness sakes, be a kid! Go out and play and have a happy heart! Don't concern yourself with such matters.

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