Monday, March 12, 2007

the baby whisperer

I was given a book to help me on my mission towards a settled baby. Way back, three months ago, I reported that I felt our baby was entering "the settled baby stage". That lasted all of two weeks. It was wonderful when it lasted.

Now we are at the six month mark. I REALLY need some more solid sleep so I can function and escape this groggy fog I sometimes feel throughout the day. The party's over! It's time for him to settle for longer periods through the night. No more two hour intervals!

I have quickly learned that this baby market is exceptionally vast and lucrative! There is a book for everything you could imagine! There is a product for everything you could imagine where babies are concerned. I have fallen for a few marketable products that just didn't pan out for what they were worth. For instance, the Bumbo. It is a cute "ergonomic" chair for babies to support them in sitting properly and comfortably when they are too young to hold themselves up. You can use them for many versatile reasons- feeding, playing, bring it to the beach or over to your mother-in-laws! It's made from non-toxic durable plastic in Africa and it's very light-weight! Sound appealing? Our baby tolerated it for maybe five seatings. He squirmed in it and wanted out- FAST! I sold it last week to another new mother who has been "drawn" in like I was. I took the money and ran! Hey- I was upfront, I told her that my baby just didn't enjoy it like I knew her baby would! haha!

So now I read this Baby Whisperer book in two nights. I found most of the stuff common sense and some of it helpful. However, there are so many schools of thought. I have been guided in so many directions by "sleep experts" and nothing is the right approach. It confused me more than anything. This whole "is your baby sleeping through the night concept" is a hoax. There is no-one that can tell me that they have a baby who does this- consistently in the first year! If there is, send her to me and I will be the adult whisperer and give her a piece of my mind. I say this with a lighthearted kind of kidding. Really. I just have to persevere and go with my gut. That is what I have learned! I know our baby well enough now that I have an idea what is going to work. Time, patience, consistency and warmth.

I should write a book and call it "I don't know everything but you've gotta start somewhere!"

Look for it on bookshelves next year when I am more rested!

Good night!

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