Monday, January 01, 2007

Who am I?

I am a woman. I am someone's daughter. I am a baby boy's mother. I am a taurus. I am loyal but sometimes stubborn. I like to daydream. I am mostly joyful. I am a lover of the outdoors, wildlife, art, music and babies. I am a believer. I am a good cook, housekeeper and play-mate. I have a dislike for small talk and left-overs. My passion for justice can sometimes be exhausting. My mom says I am her baby. I feel discouraged about the way the world is going. I feel excited about chocolate and what I want out of life. I feel blessed for having an amusing family and some pretty fascinating friends. I am fearful of loss. I am grateful for knowing peace and love. I am saddened by violence but encouraged by compassion. I am inconsistent at times. I am always hopeful. I am still afraid of the "boogey man." I love cheesey pizza too much. I enjoy picnics in the park. I love the shade but adore the sunshine. I ride my bicycle with no hands sometimes. I smile alot and try not too frown too often. I am a student of life. I love ice-cream but I am lactose intolerant. I still eat it though once in a while. I could loose a few pounds but I am strong. I like myself. I miss my dog and my cat. I was married once before. I have no regrets. I am married again. This time I am committed to "for better or for worse" and everything beautiful in between. My dad says as a kid, I was a defender of the underdog. I still am. I don't read enough but when I do, I savour the last chapter and grieve the end of the book for a couple of days before I start a new one. I learn best by doing. I fall alot but I always get up, dust myself off and try again. I love to dance. I have suffered from depression. I believe in earth angels. I have one very charasmatic sister. I don't save money very well but I live well within my means. I enjoy food and wine and good company. I love to hear stories- especially true ones. I am not always on time. I worry too much sometimes. I respect my elders. I love whole heartedly. I try to speak less and listen more. I hate shopping for clothes but love shopping for anything else! I love pottery. I respect the environment. I answer to Pie-face, Beav, Lola, Girlee and Ms. Sensible Shoes.

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WowoJeans said...

You are a beautiful friend with lots to offer this world. Wish you a happy new year, and want you to know I am happy to know ya!!