Monday, January 01, 2007

our planet, our earth...

January always has me thinking about the bigger picture for some reason. Our world and our place in it. Have you ever begun to imagine that for every care or concern we own, there are a million, trillion other ones being created in the minds of others outside of ourselves?

It is easy to be self-consumed. Good or bad. We seem to think we have the best of blessings and the worst of sorrows. This blog is a perfect example. While I use it to get things off my chest, I always use it as a forum to pronounce my gratitudes, my fears and my cares in the world. Today I will think for one moment outside of myself. If we all did this, that is, to think outside of ourselves for one given moment, what would that amount to?

It would be a whole lot of energy used towards expanding our level of consciousness. Sometimes its easier to keep our world small and simple because its safer. I encourage you to keep doing that because I think if we allowed the big picture to stare us in the face for too long, we would all go mad.

Look for beautiful things to surround yourself with. Be gracious. Be kind. Most of all, take some time to contribute to the greater good though. If we all make an effort to improve our planet, perhaps it will pay off a little bit.


hjfcool said...

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Bazaa said...

Thank you very much for the comment on my blog. I really enjoyed reading it, and I'm glad you found my posts interesting (although sometimes a bit on the nonsense side). And sorry if anything on this comment sounds funny, english isn't my first language, so sometimes I mess up a bit ^^

Your baby is so cute! Congratulations about him! I hope both of you (and the rest of your family, of course) will have all the happiness in the world =)
I've only read a few of your posts, but I find them interesting and I'll love to read more. You seem like a "golden person" - that's a portuguese expression, meaning you have a heart of gold. The world needs more people like you, really. The posts I've read left me with a feeling that my heart was shining with hope for tomorow. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

And yeah, the big picture of the world always scares me and leaves me feeling ungrateful for complaining about what I have. But it's no use feeling miserable for what's going on. We, as humans, need to start with little things to make others smile, until we can do something bigger and bigger. Sometimes is's hard. But I also want to help, like you, so let us keep trying. As long as someone tries, our planet will still be beautiful.

Kisses and I hope that you and your family will have a joyful year =)