Monday, December 04, 2006

our five senses

Today I thought about my five senses and how much we don't pay attention to them at times. They are so special and they are all a gift. Someone once asked me- if you had to give up one of your senses, what would it be. I carefully reviewed them in my mind....

1) sight- no couldn't give that one up because I see too much beauty in my surroundings. I see my husband's loving gaze, my baby's sweet rosy cheeks, my parents' beautiful laugh lines, the sunlight and moonlight, flowers blooming. There is just way too much around me to see and to love!

2) hearing- no definately couldn't part with this sense. I love to hear people's laughter and song, the raindrops on my window at night, the waves on the beach, the words I love you and good night from my father, the sound of children squealing with delight as they run by, the sound of music to my ears. No way. Couldn't give this up.

3) taste- oh my love for food and drink! I can't imagine not being able to taste chocolate, or a ripe watermelon or nectarine, a juicy orange, a sour lemonade that makes your cheeks pucker, or the yummy taste of cheesy PIZZA! My favourite food of all!

4) smell- to go without the ability to smell would be very difficult too. No more following your nose to the nearest bakery for a fresh loaf of bread or cinnabuns, no more picking a flower stem for the love of your life and smelling it all the way home, no more smelling of a baby's soft scented hair and skin or the aroma of candles, baked goods and evergreens on a Christmas night.

5) touch- I definately couldn't sacrifice my need for touch. I am soothed by touch. The touch on my shoulder from an old friend, the soft carress from my husband as he greets me hello, the sweet kisses from niece and nephew goodnight, the tender backrubs from mother and the hugs from grandma that always warm my heart.

Bottom line is.. all of our five senses are equally as thrilling, as beautiful and as important. Tomorrow pay attention to all of them and cherish them. They are yours to keep- your five senses that will keep you in touch with the world that surrounds you.

Good night xoxoxox

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