Sunday, December 03, 2006

on being good enough

As Fischer discovers his hands and feet, we discover our love growing to new heights for this little baby of ours.

He has a new look- a twinkle in his eye when he squeals with delight at the mere sight of us. It amazes me to think that no matter how good we are to this little babe, it is his understanding that we are flawless. It is all he knows and it will always be good enough - in this stage anyway! I ask him to be patient sometimes as I fumble with his clothes and don't take them off as good or as quickly as I'd like or when I can't always determine his needs when he cries. I must say it is pretty wonderful to have a little person love you unconditionally no matter how quick, on the ball or flustered I may become.

Each day that passes, we grow more familiar with one another as we become a family unit.

I pray we will take each day as it comes and embrace all the small treasures and rewards of parenting and may Fischer enjoy all of the small treasures and rewards of being a new person in this world.

It all adds up into something really wonderful..


WowoJeans said...

Oh Laura... it's clear... you are in LOVE... with your little boy!! Wonderful is right. I am so happy for you. Mommyhood could not have welcomed a better woman into the fold. Love you and your sweet words here.

CarrieGirl said...

You're killing me. I can't muster a single eloquent word right now. All I can say is... Stop making me cry ! It's become a daily thing.