Sunday, December 18, 2011


I am glad to be a person who is fuelled by human relationships.  I am glad to wear my heart on my sleeve and keep it real.  I am glad to have a collection of friends from different generations, cultures and interests.  I am glad to be afforded a home-life where things are kept simple but always feel abundant.  I am glad to have a rich relationship with my Grandmother.  I am glad to love deeply and feel my heart swell when something is touching.  I am glad to eat veggies and actually enjoy them!  I am glad I have fallen hard a few times because it keeps me grounded.  I am glad to have known what it means to be poor because I now know how to stretch a dollar even when I don't have to.  I am glad to have dreams that are far enough out of reach to keep me motivated.  I am glad to know how to soothe someone's heart.  I am glad to be warm on a cold winter's night.  I am glad to be a girl in a woman's body so I can enjoy the perfect balance between naivety and wisdom.  I am glad to have had a few strict teachers who challenged me.  I am glad I have been told off by a few people.  I am glad to have gotten the last word in with some others.  I am glad to possess strong intuition and have learned to trust my gut more.  I am glad to have a husband who still gives me butterflies when we exchange glances-- most times.  I am glad to be more selective with my company because time is precious!  I am glad I am outraged by litter bugs and bullies.  I am glad to have birthed two beautiful babies.  I am glad to fear less and believe more.  I am glad to be moved to tears by beautiful music.  I am glad to have dipped my toes in the ocean.  I am glad to have held a stranger's hand.  I am glad to savour a sweet, long kiss.  I am glad to have shared this moment with you.