Saturday, April 21, 2007

Imagination Street

On my street, the houses are small and tidy. They are not enormous because people just build homes that are adequate and cozy abodes. They are filled with laughter and light heartedness. The comforting aroma of fresh bread baking in the oven. The windows are open and there are no screens. There is no west nile to worry about or intruders. There are no locks on our doors and visitors are always welcome. The birds are singing. There are beautifully landscaped gardens filled with wildflowers and bird baths. There are no pesticides. All you can smell is fresh earth and dew worms. Your vegetable garden is plentiful and abundant with colourful produce. You pick your own fixings for a delicious salad you are preparing for the evening meal. Your kids can pick fresh fruit from your fruit trees in your backyard for their afternoon snack. They don't whine because they have never heard of fruit roll-ups or McCain luncheables. You know all the neighbours on the street. You sometimes join them for Sunday dinner. Your children perform an after-dinner skit of dancing and singing or Johnny plays the piano for his small audience. Your children skip down the street and go on their own little adventures to the park, building forts and selling lemonade on the corner. You don't have to watch their every move because it is safe. No predators to worry about. The ponds and lakes are safe to swim in all summer long. No threat of E-coli or a high bacteria count in the water. The UV rays are minimal and the summer high is 25degrees celsius. There are no smog alerts.

Down my street, there is a centre core. It is filled with indepedent merchants. A seamstress, a locksmith, a barber, a pharmacy, a confectionary store, a toy store and a florist. There are quality products lining the shelves but the food labels are easy to read. The ingredients are natural and safe. There aren't too many choices to confuse you. The selection is simple. The prices are affordable. The customer service is respectful and courteous. You walk down the street and don't try to conceal your wallet. You make eye contact with the people who pass you and you hold doors open for them. If you drop a parcel, someone will help you pick it up. The worst kind of violence you may see is a couple of boys shoving eachother and putting up "their dukes" but someone intervenes and breaks it up. They eventually shake hands and dust themselves off. There is no colour, gender or class discrimination. Everyone on my street earns an honest and similar wage. There is no such thing as two income families and 2-3 vehicles per household because there was no need. If you were going anywhere, you would be taking your family with you.

In reality, all we can do is try to live our best life.

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constantina said...

well laura, i think this beautiful place existed before the turn of the century (1900's). before machines,electricity,world travel and so on. i would have loved to call you neighbour! we could have baked fruit pies together!! i can't believe how similarily we think, you and i. it makes me feel honoured:)