Friday, April 13, 2007

I did it!!

I finally thought one of my writing pieces was good enough to try to get published! We shall see. I won't say anymore because I have already made peace with the fact that it sometimes takes years for this to happen, according to my "editing mentor". She has had several short stories published in magazines and now the Chicken Soup series. How great for her!!!

Anyway, I threw my hands up into the universe, along with my short story and let's see what happens.

For now, I will just keep writing and keep my fingers crossed!!


WowoJeans said...

You my friend are the bomb of all bombs!!! Published or not, you take risks, meet life with enthusiasm and inspire many including this humbled lass.... good luck and however it turns out I will love you for many moons!!!

Anne said...


Did you ever read Little Women? I think of you now as Jo. Sending out your story like your child, out into the world. I pray that it will be a success, just like you are.

If nothing comes of it, I know you will be disappointed, but take it as a learning experience.

Good Luck in all of you endeavors.