Thursday, March 29, 2007

happy feet

These beautifully shaped, pink feet belong to our baby. We call them happy feet because they look so friendly, just like him.

These feet are 6 months and three weeks new. There are no signs of wear and tear yet. We have some high hopes for these feet.
Dear happy feet,
We hope you will take care of yourself. Get lots of pedicures and wear good quality shoes.
We hope you will be kept clean and not stinky for the most part as you grow.
For now, jumping in mud puddles and walks in the sand will be good for you but don't walk on glass like I did many times as a youngster.
We hope you will keep yourselves planted on the ground while you reach for the stars!
We hope you will walk thousands of miles in this life and find what you are looking for.
We hope you will run as fast as you can when you see something you like! Go for it!
We hope you will take your time as you walk through rose gardens, nature trails and sandy beaches.
Your happy feet will be rewarded if you use them wisely and well.

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