Sunday, December 17, 2006

my favourite Christmas specials...

As the season fast approaches, I got thinking....

Scrooge- how could I forget this Christmas memory! We'd spend many a Christmas Eve's with my father's uncle Johnny and his family in Grimsby. I would love to visit them. Judy, their daughter, was a little older than Carrie and I. We'd take note of her stylish clothes and hair-do's and be in awe of her. She was beautiful. We'd learn all the latest dances from her including the robot and some other fun disco moves. My Uncle Johnny and Aunt Teenie were very warm people. Their home was always so festive at Christmas time- lots of baked goods and candy/nuts in fancy dishes. I always had a hard time with the nut-cracker but Dad would help me out. I wasn't patient enough. Aunt Teenie would often sing or hum a lovely Christmas song in her glorious singing voice while Dad and Uncle Johnny would catch up on things. Scrooge would be on the television. Sometimes we'd watch all of it and other times it would be just playing in the background as we gabbed. It was nonetheless a wonderful tradition to enjoy with family. I always was a little spooked out by Scrooge and his pastey, ghostly complexion. This is one of my Dad's favourites!

Dick Clark's New Year's Celebration was the perfect end to the year! We'd stay with Grandma and Grandpa overnight while our parents usually went out to a big New Year's bash. Our wonderful routine consisted of a nice warm bubble bath, followed by getting into our cozy pj's (usually pink ones for me!) and lots of cuddle time with Grandpa on the couch while Grandma fixed us one of her home-made pizzas or sometimes we would order Chinese food from around the corner on Barton Street. The best in town, they claimed! We would get to sit with our TV trays in the living room and watch the special in the "big apple" where we'd watch the ball drop and ring in the new year with good old Dick! That wasn't the end of it though. Our grand finale after much kissing and well wishing with our Grandparents would be our annual pot banging performance on their front porch. We were encouraged to shout as loud as we could- "Happy New Year-r-r-r-r-r-r-" while Grandpa chuckled as he sipped on his first drink of the new year- usually a rye and ginger with lots of ice cubes.

Donny and Marie Osmond were our all-time favourite performers of the '70's whether it was Christmas time or not! We used to crank the music on our dad's "record player" and sing along. Or should I say, Carrie got to bellow it out while she kept me in line and made sure I didn't "out sing" her. I think Carrie truly believed she was Marie Osmond as she would close her eyes with pretend microphone in hand and give the performance of her life. Towards the end of the record, she would get generous and say- "Okay, it's your turn Laura!" I would gear up for my part and say "Good....night.... ever-y-bod-y", as I tried to stretch my part out as long as I could. I would do a little curtsey and that would be the beginning and end of my performance.

Every year on Christmas we would put on a show for our family. One year, we used a song from The Osmond's Christmas Show of '78. Our cousin Larry was a good dancer too for a boy. Carrie would stand in the middle of us, being the eldest, and we would take her cues. It was a big event! We began singing and dancing from side to side, "It never snows in L.A. so Santa don't bring me a sleigh, I'll leave a key by our door cause there's no chimney anymore...." a standing ovation soon followed!

These classic Christmas specials remain so close to my heart.

I looked forward to watching them every year with my sister.

May you always hold close your Christmas pasts- including favourite traditions and memories. They are yours to cherish for many years to come!

Blessings and love to thee.

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